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Therapeutic Fasting

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Fasting dates back to the dawn of humanity. It has been a feature of many eastern and western cultures and all great traditional societies across the ages.


Our method is based on two principles: internal and external, acting on the body and the mind. Your needs are our primary concern. We therefore offer a medically assisted programme or a naturopathic approach, or a mixture of the two, both entirely personalised.


Therapeutic fasting is a medical treatment of proven efficacy for many chronic conditions, and its therapeutic applications are manifold. The treatment we provide has an immediate effect and generates long-term results. It is a unique opportunity to regenerate your organism in its entirety. Your stay will focus on five main areas: detoxification, mineralisation, inflammatory stress, hormonology, and the digestive system.


Discover the benefits of fasting:
Regeneration and detoxification of the body are the two principal objectives of the programme, which is carried out entirely under medical supervision. While not an objective in itself, weight loss is one of the positive consequences of the programme.


 Regeneration of the body: regeneration of the digestive system, a younger-looking skin
 Detoxification: eliminate toxins and refresh your body’s organs naturally
 Regenerate the body’s defence mechanisms: strengthen the immune system
 Dietary balance: break free of addictions, reduce excess weight
 Relieve stress: lessen the burden of daily stress, replenish energy levels
 Rediscover yourself: clarify your thoughts, increase self-awareness, learn to know yourself better
 Better lifestyle: put in place new habits, adapt your diet


Start preparing for your fast now:
Our method includes several phases: 


  • Preparation for fasting (recommendations made by the doctor and nutritionist before your arrival)
  • Health check-up by our doctors
  • Medical and nutritional consultations
  • Hypotoxic diet in tune with chronobiology
  • Physical & therapeutic activities
  • Preparation for ending your fast and resuming a normal diet
  • Complete medical report


The programme lasts from 7 to 16 days in the relaxing setting of our Clinic. By staying at the Leukerbad Clinic, you benefit from natural elements encouraging the regeneration of your body, such as the pure Swiss mountain air, an ideal altitude, and thermal water swimming pools naturally rich in minerals. The location also gives you the assurance of a stay in complete tranquillity and discretion.


The factsheet gives you more details on this program.


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