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Treatments and massages



All treatments and massages marked with an asterisk (*) may be eligible for reimbursement
under Swiss mandatory health insurance and/or complementary health insurance. 



Partial traditional body massage * 20 or 35 min.
Full traditional body massage
Body massage with oils to meet your needs: relaxing, invigorating, circulatory, etc.
50 or 80 min.
Breuss Massage *
Gentle, energising massage which resolves blockages at a psychical and physical level, revitalises the spine and intervertebral discs, and improves the efficiency of all organs.
20 min.
Breuss and Dorn Massage
Massage combining both methods. Treatment of the spine involving gentle movements that exert light pressure on each vertebra. The patient carries out various balancing movements of the body while the therapist administers the treatment. This treatment is followed by a gentle massage of the spine with warm oil, gradually relieving back stress and symptoms linked to poor posture such as migraine, circulatory problems and fatigue.
50 min.
Plantar Reflexology *
Complete foot massage, alternating enveloping actions and pressure points to stimulate referent organs and promote all-round wellbeing.
35 min.
Head Acupressure *
Uplifting treatment to relieve stress and headaches.
20 min.
Manual lymphatic drainage of the body *
This treatment stimulates lymph, reducing puffiness and accumulations of fluid.
60 min.
Massage with candles "101 minutes" 
Soothing massage with warm candle wax that allows muscles to relax and the mind to de-stress. 
101 min.
Japanese method which applies pressure points to the body to restore vital energy and encourage concentration. The masseur uses hands, feet and knees to carry out this massage, based on stretching and breathing to replenish and rebalance energy levels. When energy is balanced, the effect on body, mind and spirit will be beneficial. This treatment is recommended for those suffering from chronic, digestive or respiratory disorders.
80 min.
Ayurvedic herbal massage
Ancestral Indian massage with ayurvedic oil and warm compresses, very effective in promoting healthy joints and relieving the symptoms of rheumatism.
50 min.
Massage with acupuncture points 
A technique that consists in pressing acupuncture points without a needle using the fingers, elbow or feet. Helps relieve pain and stress.
80 min.
Souffle de l'Orient
This massage using oriental oils of your choice has a particularly relaxing and soothing effect.
  • Full body.
  • Full body and face.
50 or 80 min.
Wellbeing day
A day devoted entirely to your wellbeing, including a massage of your choice (Breuss massage, facial massage or head acupressure) a complete body scrub and full facial treatment, as well as free access to Wellness facilities.
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Alternating application of warm and cold stones on the body, promoting deep relaxation of muscles whilst having a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system.
60 min.
Body scrub with salt
Softens the skin by removing cells and dead skin, bringing an immediate sensation of vitality. We recommend taking a sauna 10 to 15 minutes before this treatment to enjoy its full benefit.
35 min.
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TEN Naturopathy * 
Consultation and advice on consuming natural products to resolve various disorders and health problems.
60 min.
Kinesiology *
Therapy which uses muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body and help relieve inner tensions. It combines techniques of acupressure, stress management, relaxation and neurolinguistics programming.
60 min.
Craniosacral Therapy *
Based on gentle movements, this therapy encourages the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, allowing the body to self-regulate and relieving disorders such as migraine, stress, insomnia and chronic pain.
60 min.
Dorn Method * 
Treatment of the spine through gentle movements that exert light pressure on each vertebra. The patient carries out balancing movements of the body while the therapist administers the treatment. This gradually relieves back tension and symptoms linked to poor posture such as migraine, circulatory problems and fatigue.
50 min.
Massage of the colon *
This treatment stimulates peristaltic movements of the colon through the manipulation of specific points of the abdominal wall. Circulation in the intestine is facilitated by a positive reflex effect on the digestive system and gastro-intestinal secretions.
60 min.
MRT (Martix Regenerations)
Therapy which combines suction massage, direct current treatment and bioresonance. It is used to speed up the process of eliminating toxins (parasites, heavy-metal intoxication and the effects of stress).
Treatment administered by our partner, Leukerbad Therme.
60 min.
Oberon diagnostic system
Therapy based on quantum physics combining Chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy; carried out using special equipment which measures anomalies in the body with a view to treating disturbed fields.
Treatment administered by our partner, Leukerbad Therme.
60 min.
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Vichy shower with massage  
Horizontal shower diffusing a fine spray of warm water with added essential oils whose micro-massaging effect brings deep relaxation and relief from stiff joints.
This treatment is accompanied by a massage of the back of the body
20 min.
Jet shower 
Invigorating treatment administered while standing which directs a powerful water jet over the entire body. This treatment improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and is very effective against subcutaneous fat.
10 min.
Clay & Rhassoul wraps
Gentle treatments which help to eliminate impurities without damaging the skin’s protective film, leaving the skin velvety soft. The action of essential oils reduces the orange-peel effect. A head massage is carried out while the wrap is in place, inducing deep relaxation.
  • Toning treatment
  • Slimming treatment

20 min.
​20 min.
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Facial massage *
This massage relieves facial tensions and promotes maximum relaxation.
20 min.
Terre Aion A natural healthcare 
A rock powder rich in minerals, Terre Aion A has exceptional qualities to purify and treat many skin problems. Skin becomes healthy and radiant once more. This treatment includes cleansing, a mask, and a massage with Valais apricot oil.
30 min.
Complete facial treatment 
Treatment including facial cleansing, scrub, mask and massage. Restores radiance and purity to the skin.
75 min.
Lymphatic drainage of the face
By stimulating lymph, this treatment helps eliminate puffiness and dark rings under the eyes.
20 min.
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MANUCURE AND cosmetic feet treatment

  • Application of polish
  • Nail care and application of polish
  • Full hands and cosmetic feet treatment
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  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Armpits
  • Back or torso
  • Back and torso
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian Bikini
  • Full Bikini
  • Semi-legs
  • Full legs
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