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The Leukerbad Clinic has a long tradition of sports medicine. Dr Hans Spring, chief medical officer of the Swiss national skiing team, was for 25 years head of the medical team at the Loèche-les-Bains Rehabilitation Centre. Offering ideal facilities for training and re-education, the centre also became the Swiss Olympic medical base. Proud of this heritage, the centre has maintained the same level of skill and expertise whilst modernising over the years.


Sports medicine is a speciality which focuses on amateur or elite athletes in order to diagnose and treat the consequences of an accident or illness. A quality consultation in sports medicine calls for wide-ranging experience in the field, as well as multiple skills in areas such as rheumatology, orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery, physical medicine, cardiology and nutrition. It also gives sportsmen and women of all levels the opportunity to carry out different tests to optimise their preparation in a medicalised and professional environment.


Many elite athletes and national sports teams from all over the world come to the Leukerbad Clinic to prepare physically or follow re-education programmes after injury. Doctors at the Leukerbad Clinic specialising in sports medicine supervise amateur and professional sportsmen and women to ensure that they benefit from the best therapies. The Leukerbad Clinic also has a training-based medical therapy centre featuring many items of special equipment such as isokinetic apparatus.

Our medical and nursing team comprises experienced therapists fluent in a wide range of specialities such as sport-related therapies, physiotherapy, massage and nutrition. This interdisciplinary approach allows fruitful exchanges in the search for optimal treatment. All our specialists have at their disposal high-quality facilities and equipment, allowing every athlete to regain or even exceed their previous levels of performance.


The natural benefits of Leukerbad – thermal water, high altitude and pure alpine air – are additional factors which aid the recovery of athletes and enhance training and relaxation. Furthermore, residents can benefit from the many sporting activities available at the resort both in winter and summer.


Due to the specific demands and requirements of sportsmen and women, each sports medicine programme is designed to be fully personalised. It can be followed on a residential basis or by attending our Clinic as an outpatient.