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Detoxification is a series of treatments which aims to eliminate toxic substances from the organism. These damaging substances may be toxins, heavy metals, micropollutants, free radicals, etc. By freeing your organism of toxins built up over the course of your life, you can improve your immune system, your metabolism and consequently your wellbeing. Detoxification is often one step in a more complex treatment designed to regenerate the organism.

Detoxification at the Leukerbad Clinic is proposed with a detoxifying and hypotoxic diet, or with therapeutic fasting.

The choice of detoxification programme is made according to your preferences, your predispositions and the recommendations of our medical team. Depending on results obtained from the check-up you received when you arrived, as well as your personal objectives and preferences, the doctor will be able to guide you towards the choice that is most appropriate for you. 


The Leukerbad Clinic – Detoxification: eliminate toxic substances from the organism The Leukerbad Clinic – Detoxification: eliminate toxic substances from the organism The Leukerbad Clinic – Detoxification: eliminate toxic substances from the organism



Naturopathic detoxification follows natural therapeutic principles to drain toxic substances from the body. They are eliminated mainly through the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.


The naturopathic detoxification treatment can be combined with a detoxifying hypocaloric diet or medicalised fasting. These are low-calorie diets comprising only low-energy foods and providing a total daily intake of between 600 and 800 kcal for the hypocaloric diet and 250 kcal for fasting.


The Leukerbad Clinic has extensive experience of detoxification in a medical environment. Its specialists are experts in many scientifically validated approaches. These broad skills allow us to propose the most appropriate treatments for patients’ needs.


The Leukerbad Clinic uses this naturopathic detoxification process in the following programmes:


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Medicalised detoxification uses powerful synthetic therapeutic products to drain harmful substances, especially heavy metals, from the body. The drainage process to eliminate these substances mainly involves the action of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.


To achieve the best possible results, medicalised detoxification should be accompanied by a detoxifying and hypotoxic diet. The detoxifying diet developed by our nutritionist, dietician and chef specialised in dietetic cuisine is low in calories, limited to foods with low energy inputs, and designed to provide a total daily intake of 600-800 kcal.

Leukerbad Clinic has acquired long experience in medicalised detoxification. Its specialists are experts who can apply a wide range of scientifically validated approaches. Thanks to their extensive skills, we can offer the most appropriate treatment for your case. 


Leukerbad Clinic uses this medicalised detoxification process as part of the Medicalised Detoxification Programmes that it offers to detoxify and strengthen the patient's immune defences.


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DeTOXIFICATION through fasting

Fasting has been a feature of all societies since the dawn of time. It stimulates cellular detoxification and limits surplus fat. Conducted under strict medical supervision, fasting is an effective treatment which also eliminates toxic substances and metabolic residues. Lastly, it strengthens the organism’s natural defences by curbing the release of free radicals, reducing inflammation, returning intestinal flora to normal levels and improving sleep quality.


At the start of fasting, the organism, deprived of sugar, begins to produce it by breaking down the proteins that form our muscles. After several days, the liver uses fat to produce molecules called “ketone bodies”, which have the advantage of supplying energy to the organism without drawing excessively on its proteins. It is through this process that fasting allows people to lose weight and detoxify their systems.


The detoxification treatment relies on fasting, limiting the patient to the absorption of liquids such as water, tea, fruit juices and vegetable broths. This water-based diet is administered under the close supervision of a doctor and the paramedical team.


The Leukerbad Clinic uses this detoxification process in the following programmes:


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