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Prevention is the best cure. It lets you protect your most valuable asset: your health. Preventive medicine can assess the risk of developing different conditions, help to treat them with every chance of success, and put in place preventive actions allowing you to maintain your quality of life. Its aim also is to offer advice on healthy living in relation to diet, sport, ergonomics, and the avoidance of high-risk behaviour.


The term “Quality Aging” also refers to medical skills that allow patients to stay healthy for longer. Habits are acquired from a very early age. These same habits have a great influence on quality of life with advancing years. What’s more, the pace of life today puts the body under great stress and sometimes prevents people from looking after themselves.


It is necessary therefore to protect our health by means of detoxifying processes such as therapeutic fasting, careful management of weight and stress levels, and anti-aging and revitalisation programmes.


The medical, nursing and medico-technical team of the Centre of Preventive Medicine at the Leukerbad Clinic helps patients in these areas. Thanks to their skill and experience, they can also detect disorders at an early stage and help to treat them with every chance of success. Medical experts at the Centre for Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System pool their skills with those of doctors and nurses from the Centre of Preventive Medicine to ensure that patients receive advice from several quarters, as well as strict medical supervision and treatment of the highest quality.