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Stress Management

Stress is not always destructive and can even be useful. Increasingly prevalent in the world of work, its effects can also be felt in private life. Stress becomes pathological when it can no longer be controlled and has a serious effect on emotions and feelings. It then leads to exhaustion and burn-out. This condition is often caused by increased pressure, adaptation to frequent changes, serious consequences resulting from a failure of some kind, frustrations, hostile relationships, verbal or physical violence, unpredictability, lack of independence, or an unfavourable environment.


The multidisciplinary team at the Leukerbad Clinic proposes a holistic treatment combining somatic and psychological approaches for people suffering from exhaustion. Our medicalised approach allows us to analyse all factors that led to this situation, to quantify this stress and the patient’s resources. After this evaluation, we propose concrete and effective solutions for change, while ensuring close accompaniment throughout the patient’s stay.


The natural benefits of Leukerbad – thermal water, high altitude and pure alpine air – are additional factors to aid the recovery of people suffering from exhaustion.


The Leukerbad Clinic offers programmes through which patients can learn to manage their stress and avoid burn-out situations.