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Therapeutic Fasting

Enjoy a longer and healthier life by eating less! This is the finding of serious scientific studies. Fasting has been a feature of all societies since the dawn of time. It is also without doubt one of the oldest forms of self-healing. Fasting stimulates cellular detoxification and limits surplus fat. Conducted under medical supervision, fasting is an effective treatment which also eliminates toxic substances and metabolic residues. Lastly, it strengthens the organism’s natural defences by curbing the release of free radicals, reducing inflammation, returning intestinal flora to normal levels and improving sleep quality.


At the start of fasting, the organism, deprived of sugar, begins to produce it by breaking down the proteins that form our muscles. After several days, the liver uses fat to produce molecules called “ketone bodies”, which have the advantage of supplying energy to the organism without drawing excessively on its proteins. Scientific studies have shown that this process allows weight loss, a drop in cholesterol, a reduced level of hypertension, a lessening of chronic pain syndromes (rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pain linked to the locomotor system, irritable bowel syndrome, pulmonary disease, migraine, headache, etc.) and improved sleep quality.


Fasting is recommended during preparation for chemotherapy to protect healthy cells and weaken cancerous cells. 


Doctor and therapists at the Leukerbad Clinic have wide-ranging experience in different types of fasting. They will make sure you receive the benefits of these treatments in an effective and safe environment. They will be sure in particular to check that your state of health can cope with fasting and will monitor your metabolism on a daily basis (in particular pulse, blood pressure, weight and temperature).


The Leukerbad Clinic uses fasting as a therapy in the following programmes: