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A world-renowned Specialist as Medical Director

Thanks to the arrival of Prof. Dr Thierry Dantoine as medical director on 1st September 2017, the Leukerbad Clinic has joined forces with an internationally renowned expert in the anti-aging field. As a professor of internal medicine specialising in the biology of aging, nephrology, nutrition, diabetes and intensive care, he is also a researcher, director of an academic chair and lecturer at the University of Limoges (France).
The focus of Thierry Dantoine’s research, which has won several awards in the United States, France and Japan, has long been on preventing age-related diseases, particularly in relation to enzymology and the endocrine system. Building on many years of fundamental research into the biology of aging, he has developed innovative therapeutic strategies aimed at delaying the effects of aging on the human body.

Inventing the solutions of the future
His research has allowed him to develop numerous collaborative scientific initiatives on an international scale, notably with the Institute for Aging Research at Harvard University in the United States. This initiative resulted in the creation of the academic chair in “e-health and aging well”, whose director is Thierry Dantoine, the introduction of a student exchange programme between the University of Limoges and Harvard, and the creation of an international Master’s course.

As a member of 23 learned societies and scientific organisations, Thierry Dantoine has written or co-authored around 100 articles in medical publications. He has also contributed to four scientific books, including one on preventing the effects of aging, diabetes and hydroelectrolytic disorders.

Advanced skills and innovations serving patients at the Leukerbad Clinic
A renowned and committed expert, Prof. Dantoine has joined the Leukerbad Clinic as medical director. He intends to apply a holistic approach, taking account of a range of factors – mainly genetic, pathological and biological – to act against aging at an early stage. Patients will benefit from the latest advances in preventive medicine through innovative programmes that also include chrono and antioxidant diets. He will be supported by an experienced multidisciplinary team to implement the latest innovations in the drive to age well.


Professor Dantoine's CV