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Management of Diabetes



Exclusive treatment programme offered by the Leukerbad Clinic



Increasing numbers of people worldwide are affected by type 2 diabetes. It often gives rise to complications, which may be more or less serious, ranging from hypersensitivity to circulation problems in the lower limbs, or metabolic disorders and hypertension.   However, the development of the illness is not necessarily inevitable. That is why the Leukerbad Clinic has started up a programme to contain it.



The clinic takes a whole-body approach to management of diabetes. It takes the usual approaches into account, while enriching them with the latest scientific research and developments: specific biological markers, a ketogenic approach, orthomolecular supplements, micro nutrition and complementary medicine.


Our method is based on two principles: acting on the body and the mind. We are focussed on your needs and so are able to offer a medical and nutritional programme linked to your specific requirements.



Discover the benefits of the “Diabetes Management” programme:

We enable people suffering from type 2 diabetes to improve their quality of life through a programme led by doctors. Development of strategies applicable on a day to day basis after the return home is integral to the programme.




  • Glycemic control and equilibrium
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction in pathologies linked to excess weight, including metabolic disorders
  • Improvement in the digestive system
  • Detoxification: elimination of toxins and metabolic residues
  • Nutritional balance: providing the foundations for a healthy low-sugar diet 
  • Stress management: normalisation and optimisation of neurotransmitters
  • Regeneration of your body: renewed energy levels
  • A better lifestyle: adopt new habits, adjust your diet



A whole-body approach :

  • Health check including diabetes-specific blood tests 
  • Medical advice, therapeutic monitoring, evaluation of allopathic treatments
  • Continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Advice on diet and nutrition
  • Nutritional plan to lower sugar intakes and normalise insulin resistance levels
  • Exercise to encourage weight loss
  • Infusions to alleviate peripheral neuropathy
  • Nutritional supplements and phytotherapy
  • Traditional Chinese medicine


The programme lasts from 8 to 15 days in the relaxing setting of our clinic. By staying at the Leukerbad Clinic, you benefit from natural elements encouraging the regeneration of your body, such as the pure Swiss mountain air, an ideal altitude, and 36° thermal water swimming pools naturally rich in minerals. The location also gives you the assurance of a stay in complete tranquillity and discretion.