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Weight Management

Weight Management Programmes 

Weight Balance (7 nights) – Weight Loss (14 nights)

 Intensive Weight Loss (21 nights)


The Leukerbad Clinic: weight management combined with detoxification and regeneration!


Weight Management programmes at the Leukerbad Clinic provide a unique opportunity to lose weight combined with all-round detoxification and regeneration of your organism. They help to restore your physical fitness and general wellbeing. Throughout the programme the patient is supervised by a dietician, who provides key advice for following an appropriate diet on a long-term basis and preserving the benefits acquired during the stay.


Your stay at the Leukerbad Clinic allows you to benefit from natural elements that encourage the regeneration of your body such as the pure Swiss mountain air, an ideal altitude and thermal swimming pools naturally rich in minerals. The serenity of the surroundings provides the assurance of complete discretion.


Who these programmes are for:

Weight Management programmes at the Leukerbad Clinic are intended for those wishing to lose weight. They allow you to reduce surplus fat, control your body weight and lessen the pathological effects linked to excess weight. This programme in the form of a low calorie diet makes a point every day of offering healthy and tasty meals, in sufficient quantities, prepared by the chef of our gourmet restaurant.


Content of the programmes:

Before your arrival at the Leukerbad Clinic, a doctor and a coordinator plan the details of your programme. After your arrival at the Clinic, a consultation with the doctor based on medical imaging tests, laboratory tests and a clinical examination allow complete personalisation of your stay.


Health check-up

  • Health check-up: comprehensive medical questionnaire and medical history
  • Medical consultations with the doctor in charge
  • Dietetic evaluation
  • Complete blood test: metabolic, hormonal, toxicity, oxidative stress
  • Electrocardiogram and chest X-ray


Treatments and therapies

  • Healthy diet proposed by our gourmet restaurant Le Goethe
  • Micronutrition
  • Personalised supplementary treatments such as perfusions, injections and tablets to strengthen detoxification and intestinal flora (as prescribed by the doctor)
  • Food supplements
  • Intestinal hygiene: colonic hydrotherapy or other treatment
  • Personalised programme of physical activities (aquagym, swimming, Nordic walking, hiking, stretching, etc.)
  • Massages


All treatments are administered by health professionals: nurse, physiotherapist, sports therapist, occupational therapist, masseur, and psychologist. The types of treatment prescribed and their frequency are discussed with the doctor and planned on an individual basis. Constant medical supervision is assured. The complete medical record is dispatched as soon as possible after your departure from the clinic.


Doctors at the Leukerbad Clinic can organise tests and examinations on request for each programme at extra cost. 



On request


For further information concerning our terms and your future stay, do not hesitate to contact us via
the contact form or by phone on +41 (0)27 472 51 11.


The factsheet gives you more details on the programmes.

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