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Advantages for patients

Health, energy and wellbeing are the three essential pillars of a balanced harmony between body and mind.


The Leukerbad Clinic, recognised by the Swiss health authorities since 1961, is a medical structure which specialises in treating people who wish to protect their health or benefit from the best musculoskeletal rehabilitation programmes. Some programmes are covered by Swiss and international health insurance. As a registered hospital in the Canton of Valais and of Bern, the Clinic welcomes patients for musculoskeletal rehabilitation with mandatory health insurance cover (LAMal) as well as those benefiting from complementary insurance (semi-private and private). Furthermore it also completes the necessary payment guarantee formalities with insurers.


It offers tailor-made programmes in the fields of rehabilitation of the locomotor system, sports medicine, and preventive medicine & quality aging (check-up, detoxification, weight loss, therapeutic fasting, revitalisation, anti-aging, stress management, management of menopause).


At the Leukerbad Clinic, everything is in place to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable stay:

  • Personalised treatments;
  • An expert, multilingual team;
  • A modern, high-performance medical infrastructure.


As part of their musculoskeletal rehabilitation treatment, patients insured in Switzerland can benefit from:

  • A stay in a shared room covered by mandatory health insurance (LAMal)
  • Free transport from the place of hospitalisation in Switzerland
  • Possibility of staying with spouse (on request)
  • Personalised supervision by our medical team
  • Facilities renovated in 2014


A stay at the Leukerbad Clinic allows patients to enjoy the bounties of nature:

  • Thermal water naturally rich in minerals with therapeutic properties
  • An ideal altitude which stimulates the red blood cells, encouraging more oxygen into your body
  • Pure air, invigorating and detoxifying
  • Spectacular mountain scenery