Ambulatory rehabilitation programme

In the case of outpatient rehabilitation, only the costs incurred by the therapies are covered by the health insurance. The patient is housed outside the Leukerbad Clinic.

The therapies will be provided following the medical request of your doctor addressed to your health insurance. In order to book your outpatient treatment, we ask you to send us a copy of your doctor’s prescription, as well as the guarantee of payment of your insurance.


Individual therapies

During an outpatient stay, we offer 5 individual therapies per week among the following possibilities:

5 5


5 5


5 5

Movement therapies

Group therapies

In addition to individual therapies, you benefit on average from 4 group therapies per day:

5 5

Pool therapy

5 5

Training therapy

5 5

Special morning training

5 5



We are more than happy to help you find accommodation near the clinic.

Contacts for ambulatory stay:

Leukerbad Clinic
Ambulatory reservation
Willy-Spühlerstrasse 2
3954 Leukerbad

+41 27 472 51 07

+41 27 472 50 11