Thermal water

During your stay at the Leukerbad clinic you will fully experience the healing effect of thermal sulphate-calcium water with a high content of sodium, strontium, iron and fluoride. It comes from underneath the surface with temperatures above 50°C. The water is kept at 36°C in both swimming pools at the clinic throughout the year. It’s healing properties were recognized back in the ancient era, when people first noticed the effect of thermal, chemical and mechanical stimulation of the human body.

Heat effect

Heat from the water relaxes muscles, increases the elasticity of the connective tissue and dilutes the synovial fluid in the joint cavity, thereby facilitating joint pain.

Chemical and mechanical effect

As a result of the absorption of the water molecules through the skin and the release of sweat, ion exchange occurs. Because of the pushing force of the water, the body immersed in it weighs 10% less than its normal weight.

Therefore, movement in the water is easier and safer for the joints. Viscosity and friction resistance restrain the movement of the body. Thus, therapeutic training in the water (aqua jogging, aqua gymnastics, swimming with fins) strengthens the muscles and gives harmony to movements.

Thermal water – is the elixir of youthful skin

The thermal water in the pools of the Leukerbad clinic is rich in calcium sulphate, which is a natural remedy for skin and joint diseases, that has been used for centuries for the treatment of arthritis, compound pains and burns. The healing power of thermal water is especially effective with certain specific skin problems.

Due to the cleansing effect and antioxidant properties, the water improves the condition of the atopic skin. The soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect of the thermal water is especially effective in treating dry, sensitive skin and even skin affected by eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. The water improves the elasticity of the skin and often completely removes redness.

Hydrotherapy is contraindicated during an attack of rheumatism, with acute pain in the back and in the lumbar region, with severe form of hypertension and cardiopathy in the phase of decompensation. Particular care is required for patients with immunodeficiency against a background of corticotherapy, patients receiving immunosuppressants, patients after kidney transplantation and patients on dialysis.