Weight Management

Together to reach your ideal weight!

A weight gain as well as a difficulty to lose superfluous kilos can find its origin in various factors, among which physiological imbalances. Their detection is therefore essential when a weight loss programme is being considered. The blood test specific to the weight loss cure carried out at the beginning of the programme allows our specialists to highlight any imbalances, both metabolic and hormonal. Depending on the results obtained, the diet is reviewed in order to reduce excess intakes and to provide the necessary supplements to rebalance the body.

Programme duration varies from 8 to 22 days, depending on your needs and the recommendations of our medical team.

The cure is therefore based on the medical follow-up necessary to properly assess the underlying causes, a low-calorie diet developed personally for each patient by the nutritionist and physical activities leading to weight loss.

The Weight Management programme developed by the Leukerbad Clinic allow to improve physical capacity and general well-being while reducing the effects of pathologies linked to overweight. The recommendations of our specialists as well as the personalised set up food plan give the necessary keys to adopt good habits and as a result to preserve health capital in the long term.